Leading engineers provide deep knowledge in generating cloud-based IoT solutions for the implementation of industry 4.0 infrastructure into products, facilities and smart connected buildings.

ThingWorx provides the functionality, flexibility and scalability that businesses need to drive industrial innovation. Our experts enable companies to generate cost-effective value out of their smart connected products. NectOne cooperates as PTC-ThingWorx silver partner and provides secured end-to-end IoT solutions that uses the possibilities of a decentralized connected infrastructure. PTC ThingWorx is one of the world-leading out-of-the box IoT/Industry 4.0 solutions from Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). The PTC-platform enables customers to optimize their business processes and realizes a full connected product life-cycle at one  IoT-solution. IT integrates natively augmented reality support, interconnection to various Business Intelligence (BI) systems like SAP and enables engineers with rapid product development tools like CAD and PDM/PLM integration.

Source: PTC

We provide support to dedicated customers at App-development, smart connected augmented reality applications by PTC-ThingWorx, implementation of common process automation technologies and communication systems. Integration of machines, sensors and actuators by the ThingWorx Edge Micro Server. Self learning applications, data analytics, predictive maintenance solutions, ...

NectOne additionally provides support in Prototyping, Testing, Design to Cost, Evaluation of Manufacturability, M2M-Connection Technology, System Security, Availability, Industrial Automation.


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