Facility Automation and Planning

Special machine application planning and construction - Tailored to your demands

NectOne is a full service provider for special machines in facilities and production environments. This includes Planning, Construction, Programming and Testing.
NectOne CNC Automation
NectOne CNC Automation
   Core Competencies: 
  • Industry standards for interoperable products and IT systems
  • Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis 
  • Industrial communication (Industrial Communication Interfaces -CAN, EtherCAT, Feldbus, ZigBee, GSM, ...)
  • Industrial man-machine interaction
  • Robot systems: mobile platforms and manipulators
  • IT security in the industry
  • Data security
  • Data analytics
  • Facility planing and simulation
Fields of application for our automation- and process automation-technology: The basic goal of automation is usually a form of optimization. The use of machines should improve the production process

  • Reduction of production costs
  • Increases in productivity
  • Increase in production quality
  • Quality assurance with logged and archived results
  • Massaging health-endangering risks


NectOne Assembly Line Automation
NectOne Assembly Line Automation

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