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Leading engineers provide deep knowledge in generating cloud-based IoT solutions for the implementation of industry 4.0 infrastructure into products, facilities and smart connected buildings.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) platforms provide the functionality, flexibility and scalability that businesses need to drive industrial innovation. Our engineering experts enable companies to generate cost-effective value out of their smart connected products. NectOne cooperates as solution architect (PTC-ThingWorx Silver Partner) with international companies and provides smart connected product- and process-solutions that uses the possibilities of a decentralized cloudbased infrastructure. PTC ThingWorx is one of the world-leading out-of-the box IoT/Industry 4.0 solutions from Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). The PTC-platform enables customers to optimize their business processes and realizes a full connected product life-cycle at one  IoT-solution. IT integrates natively augmented reality support, interconnection to various Business Intelligence (BI) systems like SAP and enables engineers with rapid product development tools like CAD and PDM/PLM integration or Augmented Reality Solutions.

We provide support to dedicated customers at App-development, smart connected augmented reality applications, implementation of common process automation technologies and communication systems. Integration of machines, sensors and actuators by the ThingWorx Edge Micro Server. Machine-learningapplications, data analytics, prognostics and  maintenance solutions, ...

NectOne additionally provides support in Prototyping, Testing, Design to Cost, Evaluation of Manufacturability, M2M-Connection Technology, System Security, Availability, Industrial Automation.

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